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Jungle Safaris in Kanha National Park

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There wasn’t a single sound other than the nature and the nature was defined by the murmuring of the Langoors, twittering of the birds and the curious looks given by the deer. This is how Kanha National Park greeted us on our afternoon safari in the Kanha National Park for Kisli Zone. We weren’t focusing only to sight a tiger but we escaped to Kanha National Park to be in the fresh air and wild where even the afternoon rays can be felt as refreshing as aura and a crow is dubbed as the jungle crow. There each turn seemed to be surprising and moments where felt like quivering. The Kanha National Park even being the home of several endangered species is also popular for mesmerizing bird watching and spotting varied species of plants amidst the vast bamboo and sal wood. Words can’t describe the wilderness but even a termite castle appeared to me a unique piece of wild art.

Kanha National Park

Our gypsy steered deep into the forest inside the Kisli Zone where we acquainted a family of Langoor and a herd of deer. Whether to say it was a cute sight or common but seeing the mother Langoor solacing her baby in between the heard of spotted deer, simply won my heart. That was kind of wild harmony that is actually beyond humanity. Moving ahead towards the sub zone, spotting two wild boars on the way was entirely surprising. Wild Boars are the ancestors of domestic pigs and are said to be one of the endangered species. The jungle safari in Kanha National Park that day also acquainted us with sambar deer as well as jackal. Another emotional sight that I felt was seeing a cattle egret sitting on the back of a sambar deer while the deer was simply busy eating grass. Coming across the meadow dotted with Kans grass and hay encircling a lake that seemed a home to several species of anatidae including the flocks of playful Lesser Whistling Ducks, paddling Comb Ducks and colorful Common Teal. The most uncivil part of the jungle safari in the Kisli Zone was that of sighting a Crested Eagle that sat on a branch under a shade and not even moving its wings or head. In contrast tracing the tiger claws was more exciting, which I had an reverential feeling.

Kanha Jungle Safari Tour

The following day, after our barbeque and bon fire night at the Kanha Home Stay, we headed for the morning jungle safari in the Kanha National Park for Kanha zone. The breathtaking sunrays breaking the mist and blistering the chilling breeze was simply a rejuvenating capture to start for the day. Spotted deer, cattle egrets and langoors now appeared very common but wild boars were still a rare sight to me. The first hour of that morning we had an excellent bird watching, from parrots, kingfisher, woodpeckers to hawk owls, specie of crested eagle and peacock. The safari went ahead deep into the wild where spotting a herd of barasingha, which is one of the endangered species of deer family and can only been seen in Kanha National Park, was another surprise to us that made our weekend trip to Kanha National Park successful than we expected. The most throbbing part of this hour of jungle safari was sighting a fresh kill of a spotted deer lying on the wetland and close to that prey was a group of four wild dogs seemed resting after chasing a herd of spotted deer. That was wild.

Kanha Wildlife

Well only two jungle safaris in Kanha National Park weren’t enough for us and can’t be for anyone. The park has two safaris in a day having divided into four zones, Kisli Zone, Mukki Zone, Kanha Zone and Sarhi Zone. The timing of the morning safari is from 6 and for the afternoon safari it’s from 2.30. Located in Madhya Pradesh, the Kanha National Park is easily accessible by road from Jabalpur, Bilaspur, Nagpur and Raipur.

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