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With its arms wide open, India welcomes you for a lifetime experience of relishing adventure. From its mighty Himalayas to its bluer than blue sea, there is an unforgettable experience awaiting you! Come on now, grab those gears, choose your destination and plan your trek in Himalayas and other adventures in India with the help of our informative blogs with the best adventure travel guides, tips and much more.

The adventurous Indian Himalayas are calling and you must go!

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Adventure Travel in India

India is an adventurer's paradise with Indian Himalayas being the jewel in the crown. From the tall standing unconquered peaks to several famous summits enticing the trekkers to test their wills, every valley and every mountain in the Himalayas holds a secret adventure of its own. It is perfect for every season be it a summer destination, monsoon getaway or winter escapes, this place would have something in store for you. Home to some of the highest mountain peaks in the world, this region is a test of determination and endurance. Adventure activities are common in almost every mountain destination in Indian Himalayas. Also home to some of the most popular adventure destinations, you can hone your skills with adventure activities like mountain biking, trekking in the Himalayas, paragliding, rafting and many more activities. If your holiday ideas usually revolve around doing some crazy and adventurous then head out to Indian Himalayas as they will give your memories of a lifetime. Driving across the highest motorable pass and sailing across the roughest of waters are just the teaser to what lies ahead in the deep valleys of Himalayas.