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India is the country known for its wonderful geographical and biological diversity. Visitors and wildlife enthusiasts from all over the globe visit India in order to scuff the shoulders with exotic fauna that dot the length and breadth of the Indian woods. Wildlife tours in India proffer sufficient opportunities to explore the real world of Indian forests and put on view some rare and endangered wildlife species that are on the brink of extinction. These wildlife destinations are home to a rich flora and fauna and provide visitors an opportunity to catch the peep of elusive wildlife species like Bengal tigers, Asiatic lions, elephants, Nilgiri Tahrs and many more. To enjoy seeing wildlife in the nature’s lap, you should definitely plan the wildlife tour in India. Related articles, blogs, contents and news are provided in this section.

National Parks to Visit During the Winter Season in India

Winter can be chilling cold and we naturally take a liking for the quilt, but that shouldn’t stop us from venturing out and having fun, especially when there are so many travel destinations ideal for the winter travelers. There are many..

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Top 10 Magnificent Himalayan Animals!

Diverse region of grasslands, temperate forests, ice-clad mountains and dizzying array of animals- the Himalayan Mountains offers world’s most beautiful landscapes and provide shelter to some of the rarest wild animals, reptiles and birds. It is the longest and the highest..

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Top 5 National Parks in the Indian Himalayan Region

…our mOoD sWiNGs in its multi-layered climatic and altitudinal conditions. One goes for a leisure holiday and ends up framing some adventurous moments. Actually, sometimes we just have to relate our travel plan in accordance with nature… how it treats us...

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Overview of Jim Corbett National Park

Set on the lap of the Lesser Himalaya in the state of Uttarakhand, the Jim Corbett National Park brings forth a panoptic territory of sheen and sheer landscape layered with a wide range of flora and cut across by the Ramganga..

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Jungle Safaris in Kanha National Park

There wasn’t a single sound other than the nature and the nature was defined by the murmuring of the Langoors, twittering of the birds and the curious looks given by the deer. This is how Kanha National Park greeted us on..

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