Top Reasons Why You Should Do Tarsar Marsar Trek in Jammu & Kashmir

Best 4 Reasons Why You Should Do Tarsar Marsar Trek in Jammu & Kashmir

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Trekking in Kashmir valley is a completely different experience. You are exposed to scenic valleys, unique alpine meadows and magnificent turquoise (bluish-green colour) lakes. Tarsar Marsar trek is so beautiful, that it beats all treks in its beauty. From day one when you enter Aru, you feel as if in heaven. You are amidst, lush green pine forest, gushing Lidder River glittering in its milky colour and beautiful huts of the village. Throughout the trek, you are enthralled with such beauty. Not only this, in the later days of the trek the beauty climbs its peak when you are at the charming lakes. View of Tarsar Lake from the shores to far end leaves you awestruck. The lake looks so beautiful that you feel the world of sheer beauty. Even the view of Marsar lake from distance makes you feel as if looking at one of the wonders of this earth. Another lake which takes your heart on this trek is the Sundarsar lake. Viewing the lake from Marsar ridge with rugged mountains in the background and sunlight piercing through clouds is a magical experience.

I have done Tarsar Marsar Trek three times and each time I went there, I felt as if the luckiest person on the earth, living in heaven. Tarsar Marsar is my favourite trek as it truly takes you through heaven on this earth.

So, here are my four reasons to do Tarsar Marsar trek:

1- Three Elusive Lakes- Tarsar, Marasar and Sundarsar

The three lakes Tarsar, Marsar and Sundarsar are the gems of this trek. These lakes are the prettiest lakes I have ever seen. The lakes are always glittering in their bluish green colour. Among all three lakes, Tarsar Lake is my favourite, though Marsar and Sundarsar are equally beautiful. Tarsar lake touches your heart with its beauty and calmness. On this trek, you get to see Tarsar from different angles and elevation and it looks stunning from everywhere. The view is such you feel as if someone has painted a magnificent lake on canvas.

On the other hand, the view of Marsar Lake from a ridge just above it is magnificent. You are left awestruck by the size of the lake. It is a massive almond shaped lake surrounded by beautiful mountains from all four sides. At a fair distance from Marsar Lake is the Sundarsar lake. You rarely come across a lake like Sundarsar. The lake is surrounded by small mountains covered in snow from three sides and massive rugged mountains in the background on one side. The sunrise and sunset on this lake are so enthralling that you are stunned for days.

2- Campsites Beside Lakes

Camping beside a lake is a very rare opportunity in India. But on this picturesque trek, you get the opportunity to bang your tents on the shore of Tarsar and Sundarsar lake. These campsites are the best campsite I have ever been to in the Himalayas. Both campsites are completely different as the lakes are. The Tarsar lake campsite is just on the edge of a lake with Tarsar ridge in the background. You camp on the lush green grassland beside the lake with flaps of your camp facing towards the lake. Every time you open the flap you have a glittering Tarsar lake looking at you with snow-capped mountains in the backdrop. Such a view is something you won’t get on any other trek. Another amazing view of this campsite is the flowing stream originating from the Tarsar lake. You can see water flowing down the mountains from the Tarsar lake and you cross this stream many times during your stay.

The Sundarsar campsite is a bit different. At the beginning of the season, the Sundarsar lake campsite is surrounded by the snow-laden mountains and you can see the splendid reflection of them in Sundarsar lake. Having such a view just in front of your tent is an amazing trekking experience.

3- Exquisite Meadows of Kashmir

I have always been fascinated by the meadows. I love their lush green cover with captivating surrounding views. Though I have been to the largest meadows of Asia- Ali Bugyal and Bedni Bugyal, nothing can match the beauty of Tarsar Marsar Trek meadows. The meadows are completely different and the best part is that they follow you throughout the trek. From day one the picture perfect meadows start fascinating you. These meadows are amazingly lush green surrounded by the beautiful pine trees and gushing water streams. When you walk through these meadows you feel removing your trek shoes and walking barefoot. On this trek 3 out of 5 times, you camp on these meadows. Many times during the trek you come across tiny Gujjar huts and herds of sheep grazing. A look at these Gujjar huts takes you back to nomadic life.

4- Easy Grade Trek

As I have done this trek three times and even in three days, I would say Tarsar Marsar is an easy grade level trek. And can be done by anyone ranging from beginners, children above 12 years and experienced trekker. Throughout the trek, trekking trails are short with a fair distance of 5-6km between two campsites. You also find only two sections on the trek, which are steep otherwise, the whole trail is an easy walk. Even the altitude gain is not much on this trek and hence decreasing the risk of mountain sickness.

Here were my best four reasons for doing Tarsar Marsar Trek. So, now you must have got enough reasons to add Tarsar Marsar Trek in your bucket list for July-August. Also if you want to venture on Tarsar Marsar Trek we have great packages for you.

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